Backing up your important documents sounds like a great idea, however, very few people actually put that plan into action. There are at least a few ways to safeguard you documents for free.

USB Stick Google Drive Dropbox A USB or thumb-drive can be used to save your documents to by inserting a USB drive into you laptop or desktop. When you hard-drive on your laptop or desktop fails, you can just insert the thumb-drive into another working computer, and your files will be there for you. Next, we will look at Google Drive. Google drive, can be used a couple of ways, if you are using Windows. The first way to use Google Drive is to log into you Google account, and then go to By using Google Drive, you documents are stored on Googles’ servers which are independent from your computer. If your laptop fails, you can log into your Google account from another working computer in order to access your documents. Another way to use Google drive is to download their sync software from, if you are on Windows. This software will allow you to work on your documents stored in a folder on your PC, which will sync the documents to Googles server. The next way to backup your documents in the background is to use Dropbox ( Dropbox is a free software download that will create a folder on your computer named Dropbox. You place your documents that you want to save in this folder, and any changes to these documents will be saved on Dropbox’s servers for you. Again, like Google Drive, when your laptop fails, you can access your files from the Dropbox website, or you can install Dropbox on a new computer giving you access to all of your saved documents. In closing, I can’t stress enough how important it is to use one of these methods to safeguard your documents. Once of the reasons people don’t backup their files, is because the process to backing up files can be a pain. By using Google Drive or Dropbox, there are no additional steps for you to make in order to backup your documents. The sync takes place automatically for you. For help with any of this, give us a call at 215-495-2265, or visit

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